Apostille and Authentication

For internationally recognized authentication of documentation.


Types of Documents

  • Academic Transcripts

  • Adoption Documents

  • Baptism and Confirmation Certificates

  • Bills of Sale

  • Certificate of Origin

  • Certificates of Incorporation

  • Certificates of Good Standing, Certified Copies

  • Court Judgments

  • Deeds and Titles

  • Diplomas

  • Identity Documents

  • Letters of Invitation

  • Naturalization Documents

  • Passports

  • Power of Attorney

  • Trademarks and Patents

  • Vital Records including Birth

  • Divorce and Marriage Certificates

  • Paternity Certificates

  • Death Certificates

  • Wills


  • Send the documents via fax, email, courier or shipment company (FedEx, UPS, DSL, or USPS)

  • We will then review and organize the documentation.

  • If any notarization is needed, we will notarize.

  • We will transport documentation directly.

  • The documents are then validated by the Qualifying County Administrators office after the signature card of the notary has been checked and the signature verified.

  • An authentication Certificate is then issued and attached to the document.

  • This document is then further inspected by the appropriate division of the Secretary of States office.  

  • An apostille or certification is then added to the document.

  • We either return the completed document to you personally or ship it via courier service with a tracking number.

Standard Fees

$300 for the first Apostille / Authentication + $150 for each additional.   (1-2 Express Service) 

Print fee $25

Scanbacks/Faxbacks $25

Additional fees could be included depending on the service. 

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