Common Mistakes for University Apostille Services of Transcripts and Diplomas

Now that it's graduation season, if you plan on returning to your home country.

Notarization of documents

Your transcript and diploma require a notarization. So don't just request a copy of your transcript or diploma, you have to actually ask for your documents to be notarized. Most universities have a notary in the office that can notarize for you but if you need a notary to go to the university we can help!

Certification notarization

After you receive your documents that have been notarized. You will need to get the notary's signature authenticated within the county the signature is stored.

Understanding the country requirements

Every country has its own requirements, you will want to find out if the country of destination is contracted with the Hague Convention.

Going to the incorrect government agency

Different documents might need different documentation requirements. Federal background checks require a federal agency, non-Hague countries require USDOS and authorization from the country of destination, there are times you'll need to also go to the Secretary of State. Knowing when and where to send the documents is very important. You don't want to send it to the wrong agency.

Return of the documents

If you aren't living in the United States or don't have a permanent address, you may have a difficult time getting the apostille returned. That's another good thing about using a service for tracking documents and receiving.

Understanding the turnaround time

Many people think that getting an Apostille is just running to a notary, it's much more involved than that, so sometimes the process can be a bit time-consuming. The fastest process could be done in a day or two but at other times it could take weeks and in some circumstances months. It's best to talk to a service that can assist because it will help in not making time-consuming errors.

Not using a service to assist

Look for an agency that knows what they're doing! You can absolutely get an apostille on your own. It takes time and some research but it's doable. If you want to make sure that your documents are done correctly, it may be best to use an agency. They handle many documents and they will get it done in the quickest time possible.

Our Apostille Services is done by a Certified Apostille Agent that is trained and knowledgeable about the process. Our offices are located in New York City 15 minutes from the NYS Apostille Office. We work with all of the colleges and universities in the area that include NYU, Columbia University, Hunter College, Fashion Institute Technology, Fordham, CUNY, Pace University, Baruch, Barnard College, Yeshiva University, Brooklyn College, New School, Queens College, St John, New School, John Jay and many more!

If you need assistance let us know and get a quote today!

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