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International Legalization: What Is Apostille Process And Notary Services?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

One of the most important aspects to consider when getting a document for international use is Apostille or Authentication. Apostilles, which are valid for use in countries that adhere to the Hague Convention, certify that your signature on the notarized document matches your signature on file with legal authorities. Apostilles can be obtained from one country's consulate office abroad and submitted back home where they will be authenticated by the Secretary of State. The process is lengthy and often requires additional steps like notarization. If you choose to opt out of this process you may want to find a service or notary who will help make it more convenient and abide by Hague Convention regulations so you don't have any issues when traveling internationally with your documents. Mistakes in this process can be costly and timely, so it is best to be prepared before starting the process.

You will require the following information:

Country of Destination - This will define if you need an Apostille or Authentication. If you require authentication, it will usually cost more and take longer.

Original Document (Long Form for Vital Statistic Documents) - Unless you're certifying that the document is a certified true copy, then you will definitely need the original document.

Certification of Notarization - If the document has been notarized, you will need to have the notary's signature authenticated with the county clerk's office. If the notarization is over 10 years old, or the notary is in another state, this could also delay the process. Some county clerk's offices will not be able to verify an old notarization.

If you have any questions about Apostilles or Authentication certificates, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Our team would be happy to help you through the process!

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