The Secret World of Notarizations

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

and the strange places we've notarized!

1. Nail Salon - We had someone who was just too busy to meet at our offices since they were getting ready for a wedding later that night. Being flexible we agreed to meet them at the busy nail salon in the middle of Manhattan; while they were getting a pedicure, they closed on a property! Talk about multi-tasking!

2. Maternity Ward - One of the signers went into labor right before our appointment time so we needed to relocate to the hospital. We were able to sign in between contractions! Talk about trying to take the pain out of a closing!

3. Airport - For some people who work overseas, they still need to have documents notarized. Sometimes the embassy is too difficult to schedule an appointment, so a signer will book at the airport. We will often meet at JFK/LGA and sign, shortly after they literally take off!

4. Celebrities - Not all celebrities go by their stage names, or we don't pay too much attention to who is famous. There have been quite a few people we've met to only later be told...."do you know who you just met???" One comes to mind because I kept asking her if we had gone to college or high school together. It wasn't until on my way home that I noticed her face up on the billboard sign outside my apartment.

5. The Vet- A signer's pet was hit by a car and immediately had to go to the veterinary clinic. However, that won't stop a refinance! While in the waiting room, we closed on his property. The pooch was just fine, and they were able to go home in a few days!

6. Roc Center - We were scheduled to close at Roc Center, nothing struck us as odd, but it turns out that the reason we needed to go to the iconic building was due to the gentleman headlining for that evening's performance on the drums!

7. NYC's closed doors- Often we meet with architects and general contractors; so, we get to go on-site to some of NYC's newest and coolest buildings. Whether it be One world trade center, the Empire State Building or Hudson Yards; we get to see it all and often before the general public!

8. The Set of a Wildly Popular TV Show - We got to watch the filming of the season finale to one of the hottest shows on TV! As you know, time is of the essence during a closing and in New York, the show must go on! So, we signed on set and the director was kind enough to book a food truck to serve the crew waffles, that day they considered me a part of the crew and I got to watch the final scenes! And that wouldn't be our only filming, there are too many sets to count! Mostly talk shows, news stations and often a preview of the newest pilots launching.

9. Safe Deposit Box Witnessing- We open unclaimed boxes at banks all over the city and we've found some crazy items. From drugs, jewelry to old bonds and guns. The craziest thing we've found was an old revolver that needed to be turned over to police. We are required to keep it in our possession until the police arrive to claim it! Luckily the serial number was still in tacked and the police were able to link it with an ongoing investigation.

If you need a notary, we work with you to get notarized. You're always welcome to meet us at our offices at 420 Lexington Ave Suite 1402, New York, NY 10170! Save yourself the travel and book an online notary at!

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