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As laws are starting to reflect the difficult times that we are in, Governor Cuomo issues an Executive Order allowing for online notarizations in New York State. As we have been researching the possibility of offering this service in the future it appears, we have been jump-started! We’ve worked over the last week to put together a system to offer remote online notarizations to you and your company. Here is what you can expect:

Can it be notarized online? Check with the institution that is requiring the document to be notarized and be sure they will be able to record the document. Yes, this is a legal notarization but some agencies may still not accept the document. This will save you time and money if you check before.

No travel needed! As long as you have a device with Chrome or Firefox that is equipped with a functioning camera and microphone. We should be good to go!

Each signer will need their own device to have their signature notarized. Unfortunately, the system is unable to sign two individuals on one computer at the same time.

Verification of Identification is confirmed by answering a series of 5 questions, the system uses your credit history and social security number to ask you questions that involve, homes you’ve lived in, cars you’ve owned and names of related family members. You will have 4 attempts, 2 in a 24 hour period to answer the questions correctly.

A state identification card must be used, the system does not allow for a passport or passport card to be used to verify identification. When entering your name, you must enter the information exactly as it appears.

Your signature, there are two ways to sign. The first is to just type your name in the signature authorization form. The signature pad is also available to sign your signature.

Once you have verified your identity and your signature, during your scheduled appointment; you will receive an email with a link to join the meeting.

You will then meet with the notary to have your session recorded and the documents notarized!

During the session, you click where your signature is needed and the notary will notarize. At the end of the session, a PDF version will be sent to your email address.

This new system of notarizing is a bit different in the notarization process but it uses technology to verify your location and document your identification to ensure the notarization identifies and confirms the signers.

Book your online notary session here!

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