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Where to Find a Free or Inexpensive Notary?

Updated: May 22, 2021

One of the most phone calls we get are from individuals looking for a quick cheap notarization. Look we get it, sometimes you need a quick notarization and you don't want or need to pay the expensive price of a service. There are options for you! Our white service has a lot of benefits, so just remember, you get what you pay for!

1. Try your local bank branch!

For the individual looking for a quick notarization, you can often find a notary at your local bank branch. Usually, it’s free but most banks require you to be a customer. Be careful when relying on the bank; they won’t guarantee that a notary will be on staff or that the notary can meet your needs. There may be a limit to the number of notarizations and if a correction is needed, you may not be able to get the correction.

2. Government Agencies such as a County Clerk’s Office

Most county clerk offices offer notary services during designated hours. You can call your government office to make an appointment. It’s been my experience that there are long wait times and a possible line when using this service. Some government agencies charge a fee while others do not.

3. Public Libraries

Not all but some libraries have notary services available, you can call and ask what services are available. If there is a notary available, you will need to an schedule an appointment.

4. Police Station

Some police stations offer notarization services. This is an uncommon place and often used as a last resort.

5. UPS or Similar Store

Most UPS stores offer notary service. Along with all other locations, you should call ahead of time to confirm that there is a notary available and able to serve. Usually, they charge the state fee. There is a reason FedEx no longer offers notary services and it derives from a very interesting case when a notary performed an inaccurate service.

6. Membership Organizations

If you belong to a professional membership organization or workspace, they may offer complimentary or discount notary services. Examples include AARP, Yale Club, Hotel Staff, Receptionist.

There is a benefit for using a notary service; you can hire a notary to come to your location and you will be guaranteed to have insurance and a valid license. The best reason for using the service is the ability to find the notary in the future if any corrections on the documents are needed.

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