Registered Agent

We offer registered agent services NYC businesses can rely on for receiving correspondences on behalf of their businesses. If you are looking for one main address where your company can receive official government notices, tax forms, and other notifications such as legal notices, we can provide the trusted registered agent services you need.

Our Agency is in New York City

Our service is helpful for businesses without a physical address in NYC, NY or when you need a dedicated registered agent address to use that will remain the same even if your business location changes. The New York Secretary of State is designated for each company that is registered to do business in NY in order to complete service of process. You can rely on us as your registered agent to represent you with the Secretary of State when processing and filing important business documents.

Privacy & Stability

Count on us to provide you with an immediate registered service with no hidden fees. We are committed to serving businesses across all industries in the NYC area. We use a digital vault to secure all of your documentation and provide private communication.

Standard Fees: 

$150 per year

No Refunds

In United States business law, we are a registered agent, also known as a resident agent or statutory agent, a business designated to receive service of process when a bu...
Registered Agent
15 min

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