Thank you for being our client and booking with us!


It's our goal to make your transaction as successful as possible. To do this, we have created some guidelines to help keep transparency and expectations. We will do everything in our power to make the transaction! By booking our services, you are agreeing to our terms of service listed below. 



1. Please have all documents delivered by 7:00 pm est if the appointment is before 11:00 am the next day. We may need to reschedule the appointment if this is not possible, we will do everything in our power to keep the requested time. 

2. As always, the sooner we receive the documents the better as printing and prepping the documents allows for a better experience for all parties and allows us to ask questions if any should arise that include; correct paper size, witnesses, POA, and any errors. Ideally, we would like documents 24 hours before the appointment but understand that this is not always possible. We will need a minimum of four hours before the appointment to print and prepare.



1. Confirmation: We will call and confirm the appointment time and location with the signer(s) directly. If we are unable to have contact information and the signing is not successful or we need to reschedule.* We will do everything in our power to be at the appointment during the time requested but due to scheduling or travel issues, we may arrive 30 minutes early or 30 minutes later. 

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2. Time and Location Change: If documents are not received by the requested time, the location or time may need to be adjusted. In the event that we are unable to make the FedEx drop, we will ask the client if Scanbacks would be requested.* We will note all addresses and time changes to the client.


3.Location: If meeting at a location that the signer has directed. The facilitator will need adequate space such as a table, chair, and safe environment with an appropriate amount of time. Most appointments require an hour to be blocked. If the signer is unable to provide, we have an office space at 420 Lexington Ave Suite 1402, New York, NY that is available.* If the facilitator deems the environment unsafe or unable to complete, they will leave the location and report to the client.* (Example, signing in someone’s car; out in their driveway, etc.



1. All signers and witnesses will be required to have a non-expired government-issued photo ID at the time of the appointment for physical analysis. If the signer is unable to provide this documentation the signing will cease and the appointment will be fully charged.

2. While we create a safe and comfortable environment for our signers. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all signers understand and have received a copy of the documents prior to the appointment. Our facilitators will guide signers through the appointment but they are not to be in place of legal counsel. All signers must be present during the appointment and fully engaged. If the signer does not appear to understand the document or establishes the unwillingness to sign documentation. The appointment will cease and will need to be rescheduled at full fees.

3. While we can suggest how the client would prefer the signer to sign, we are unable to force a client to sign a document in a specific manner. It is the signer’s responsibility to meet the requirements of the documentation. We will also never ask a client to sign a blank document. It is the signer’s responsibility to complete all forms.

4. If the facilitator of the appointment has any reason to believe that fraud or malice is at risk, the appointment will cease and full fees will be charged.  


1. All appointments that are canceled within 2 hours of the appointment will be charged the full fee. No charge if canceled within 24 hours. The client is responsible for all expenses acquired.

2. All appointments may be rescheduled with no additional fee. 



1. Scanbacks: Unless otherwise stated, documents that have been requested to be scanned will do so by the end of the business day and before the drop-off. Unless the client has requested, we will not wait for a confirmation before dropping off at the UPS/FedEx location.


2. FedEx/UPS Guarantee: We are fortunate enough to have a UPS and FedEx location in our building; however we can only guarantee a drop off if the appointment has been completed before 4:00 pm est. Of course, we will make every effort to drop off the same day but we are unable to guarantee if the appointment ends after 4:00 pm.



1. We are happy to work with the client’s accounting procedures and upon request offer our W9 Form, Background Checks, or Insurance. Regardless of our client’s invoicing. All transactions are recorded in Quickbooks and will have an invoice generated to the client. Payment is expected within 30 days or additional late fees may apply.


2. The fee is to be agreed to prior to the appointment. If additional services are acquired post-appointment, we will add to the invoice and email immediately upon service. For a list of fees, please visit our website



1. Excessive Printing/Scanning: For a closing, we include printing for up to 220 pages (Including a signer’s copy). I


2. Multiple Signers: If there are more than two signers for an appointment, additional fees apply.


3. Excessive Time: If the signing exceeds an hour from start to finish, additional fees may be applied as other appointments will be affected. Of course, signers will be offered a time to reschedule if needed.


4. Additional Transactions: The fee unless determined prior to the appointment, will only include the transaction. If there are multiple properties or additional documents. Fees may apply.

5. Recording of the Session: If the session is to be recorded and stored.

6. Reservation of Conference Room: If a conference room is required, an hourly fee will be charged.

Any changes to these terms must be submitted via email from an authorized agent of the client. 

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