How to Prepare for Your Notarization!

Updated: Jul 2

Have Your ID:

  • Non-expired

  • Photo on the ID

  • Your Full Legal Name, if the documents that you're signing have your middle name then your ID must also have your middle name!

  • 2nd Form: *It's always good to bring a second form of ID just in case, especially if your name has changed!

Common examples include; your Driver's License, Passport, or Visa. These IDs are good because they hit the 6 points needed for identification. If you are unsure, call us!

Writing Instrument:

It is up to you whether you want to use blue or black ink (unless the lender had a preference). We however don't suggest signing with anything that is easily erased such as a pencil. Most agencies also don't want you to sign with a marker.

We have a specific pen that we like to use because acid-free ink is fraud preventive. Read more here.

Complete Forms and Documents

Each document is different. Before the notarization, you should have all the forms completed. It can be time-consuming and a bit rushed during the appointment. (If the notary is bringing the documents with her, then you can complete the forms at the appointment.)

Often information that is requested on documents:

  • Tax ID Number ie Social Security Number or EIN Number

  • Forwarding Address

  • Bank information such as routing number and account number

  • * Trust Information if signing as a Trustee

  • *Original or a copy of the POA; if signing as Attorney -in -Fact or Power of Attorney; you may be asked to include the document with the notarization.

Have a Private Area to Sign

If signing at your location, you should make sure that you have a non-public area with a table and chairs available. Some information is private and your privacy is key! Also, at times there may be a significant amount of papers to sign so a table or clean space with keep things moving!

Block Your Calendar

The average notarization of one document will be 10-15 minutes, longer for a full closing. It depends on how many people are signing and the number of documents. Add an additional 10-15 minutes for each additional signer.

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