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Prepare for your Online Notarization

Here is a quick guide to prepare you for your online notarization:

Book your appointment online here.

Please prepare for a minimum of 15 minutes to notarize a single document. For every additional document add another 5 minutes.

We will analyze the document and affix the notary wording that is necessary. As a notary, we will document the notarization for each execution and maintain the recording storage for a minimum of 10 years.

Be Prepared:

  1. Acceptance of your document: Make sure that the agency using the notarized document will accept the online notarization. *We are not responsible for the acceptance of a document.

  2. Have the document(s) ready: We can sign the document via Adobe, DocuSign, or watch you sign the hard copy then email us the PDF.

  3. Technology: We will use zoom to notarize the document, so please have your computer or smartphone with video and audio capability. You will need a strong internet connection.

  4. Identification: You may need to verify your identity through a third party which we will send you a link to do. Please ensure that your identification is unexpired, passport or state identification tends to be the best option.

During the Appointment:

  1. Log-in: When you book the appointment, please use the link from the invite to log into the appointment. It will be specific to your appointment. If you have had issues, text/ Whatsapp or call 347-292-7158.

  2. Recording: This session will be recorded. You may be asked to share your screen or show the document to the camera. We must be able to clearly see your face and you signing the document.

  3. Journal Entry: You will be asked specific questions for our journal entry.

  4. Transmitting the document: Please email the document to via the secure encrypted email.

Post Appointment:

  1. Scan: We will email you a scanned copy of your document.

  2. Hard Copy: We will mail your hard copies to the address you have provided.

  3. Pay invoice: You will be sent an invoice after the documents have been notarized and can be paid via Credit Card, Venmo (@Hudson-standard), or PayPal.

The notarization will state that this was a Remote Notarization in the notary certificate.

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