12 Months of Giving

Updated: May 22

During the holiday season, we pondered how we should celebrate this year. Between marketing and cards, we thought we might have a better way to spend our money that might make a better impact.


We want to support organizations that are making a difference in the world. That impacts our communities.

Small Organizations

There are so many nonprofits out there and often it’s the larger ones that get most of the funding. Being a small business ourselves we understand the struggle for promoting and growing which is why we want to show our support for the smaller less known nonprofits.

New York-Based

As you may know, we are a New York Based business which is why we want to show our support to neighbors!

Stakeholder engagement and interests

Every client, partner, and vendor has different passions and we want to support the interests of the people we interact with, so if it’s women initiatives, racial justice, or the environment, let us know! Of course, if there’s an organization you want us to know about, submit a response!

Verify and Authenticate

We want to verify the organization and its work. Before we feature each organization we research who they are by looking at annual reports, 990 forms, and their impact pages! We want to make sure that the money they raise goes to programming and growing!

This is our way for small businesses to support Small nonprofits. Every month we will look at our survey and see who you want to highlight! Not only is this a good way to cross-pollinate services but it’s a more affordable way of promoting each other’s missions! The way we see it is that this is a win, win, win situation! So help us decide who we should feature next month by voting and we will make a small donation along with a feature on our platforms!





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