Funeral Planning for the Young and Healthy

When a loved one passes, you may find that you’ve never had to think seriously about planning a funeral. It can be overwhelming to suddenly have to navigate funeral parlors, end-of-life wishes, and the many other painstaking details involved in preparing to say goodbye to a cherished friend or family member.

We approached a local funeral director to learn whether it is ever too soon to plan a funeral and make end-of-life arrangements. We discovered that there are a number of good reasons to start planning now.

8 Reasons You Should Plan Now

1. It saves money. While it may not be necessary to purchase a plot in a cemetery or pay funeral expenses immediately, it can save you money to make the proper arrangements early. With funerals ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 or even more, every little bit helps. Make those cost-saving decisions now!

2. It honors your religious and spiritual beliefs. My mother always told me there are two topics you never discuss at the dinner table: politics and religion. These days, people explore their spirituality eagerly, and faith and religion are more mutable than ever before. Leave nothing to chance: planning now can ensure that you have a funeral service and ceremony appropriate to your beliefs.

3. It relieves the burden on your family. After the loss of a loved one, the focus of family and friends should be, as much as possible, on healthy grieving. Prepare your funeral early and allow your family and friends to grieve properly.

4. Make your own decisions! By planning your own funeral, you’ll be able to make your own decisions and wishes to be known. You can have exactly the funeral you wish to have.

5. Make decisions about donating organs. People often use funeral planning as a way to make clear their wishes regarding organ donation. We recommend completing the necessary forms with the Department of Motor Vehicles, Gift of Life, and other organizations relevant to organ donor designation. It can be difficult for your loved ones to consider organ donation for you once you’ve passed.

6. Usually, a last will and testament does not impact funeral arrangements. Having a will doesn’t mean an executor will have the ability to control your funeral. A funeral is generally planned only a very short time after death, and a will is reviewed much later.

7. Power of attorney and health care proxies expire upon your death. Your designated agents may not have the legal authority to control your funeral arrangements.

8. No Funeral Home? No problem! If you don’t have a funeral home or are not prepared with other elements of your end-of-life plan, be aware that your funeral plan can be very rudimentary. It can be as simple as expressing a wish for cremation or a preference for a closed casket. When you complete your estate plan, you can easily add this document to your list. Upon your passing, your agents will have access to it. Hudson Standard can store your documents and provide you with a business card containing our contact information. If you have other details, such as the funeral home that you prefer to use, that will be documented as well.

Want to know more about your options? If you’d like to learn more about funeral planning, join our webinar on August 7th at 11 am-12:30 pm. A representative of Coffey Funeral Home will be participating to answer any questions you may have.

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