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How can you notarize online? Learn how we do it!

Updated: May 22, 2021

The Process of Online Notarization

Many people call to ask the online notarization process considering it’s so new to New York State. We can't speak to other notaries but this is what the process at Hudson Standard Alliance, LLC. In this post, we list out the step by step process as to explain.

1. Inquire about a service:

If you’re unsure about the process or have questions, call, text or email and Evie or Cheryl will answer any of your questions. It would be our pleasure to talk to you!

Phone: 347-292-7158

2. Book an appointment:

Visiting our website, we make it easy for you to schedule an appointment. We won’t charge you; we will give you a quote first to make sure you know how much the notarization or oath cost!; you can book right on the homepage

3. Upload your documents:

The reason we need documents, is so that we can ensure that we can complete the notarization and prepare the documents for our session. We will want your documents as well as the identification of all participants. We do not keep your documents on any direct media except for DocVerify. You can either email your documents to or you may upload it to the website. If you upload to the website, you are only able to upload one document at a time.

4. Confirming Appointment:

We will call or email you to confirm the appointment and the following information:

1. Do you have Chrome or Firefox? The DocVerify system only works on these two browsers.

2. Do you have a working microphone and webcam? DocVerify requires these tools to complete the notarization.

3. Do you require a copy of the documents mailed to you with a wet seal and signature? We will confirm the address you would like us to send the documents.

4. The physical address of all participants will be signing. In New York State, you are required to be in New York State at the time of the signing. We will confirm your address as the system will document your IP address for the records.

5. Your Invoice is Sent:

Once we have confirmed the quote and information, you will receive an invoice for you to pay online via Quickbooks. We accept all major credit cards and checks. We do request payments before the appointment because once we have started the session in DocVerify, we are charged credits for using their platform; those credits are non-refundable so NO MISTAKES can be made. If new documents need to be uploaded, then we have to start a whole new session and DocVerify will charge the notary for a new session. DocVerify charges the notary a monthly subscription fee, an identification verification fee for every attempt and a fee for certifying the notary. There are also printing and mailing costs that the notary incurs which are past to the invoice.

6. Signature Authorization and Identification Verification:

After the invoice has been paid, lookout for an email from DocVerify to verify your signature and identity. If you are verifying your identity, DocVerify will ask for your social security number and date of birth. Then they will ask for you to answer five questions in two minutes based on your credit history which is why most signers need to have a social security number and credit history. Please input your information from your ID EXACTLY as it is written. You will have two attempts! If you fail, we will not be able to refund you. Once you’ve passed, the notary will email you a link 10 minutes before your appointment time.

7. Preparation of Documents: While you are verifying your identity, we will prepare your documents to be notarized. We ensure that all the documents are in one PDF and all of the notarial certificates are completed. Then we will upload the documents to DocVerify and create a new transaction. This is where we will stamp the document and flag it for signatures. Depending on the length of the document, this could take several minutes.

8. Meeting time! An email link will be sent to the email used for signature verification about ten minutes before the appointment time. No, we do not use Zoom or Facetime to hold our meetings; this link is a secure session on DocVerify’s platform. The transaction is then recorded as to archive per New York State Law requires. The notary and participants will wait in a virtual waiting room until all parties have joined.

9. Notarizing: The actual notarizing of the document takes very little time. Most issues are technical problems; not being able to get the camera or microphone to work, getting the link out of Junk Mail, etc. Once the video recording session has started; the notary will ask for you to look at the camera, say your name and verify your identity. There’s a button on the screen used for you to click and sign the documents when you feel comfortable. The notary will ask you if you know what you are signing and confirm your signature. At the end of the session, the notary will notarize the documents by using their credentials and the recording will cease. A PDF version will be immediately emailed to your email that was used in the session.

10. Hard Copy: Upon request, the documents may be mailed to participants either by USPS or FedEx at the signer’s expense. The notary will print the documents and sign with ink and wet stamp on the documents. The documents will be dropped in the mail the same day if possible. If you would like a copy of the documents or recording; the individual who was notarized is the only person who may make this request or a court order. All documents will be marked personal and confidential on the outside of the letter.

Due to the Coronavirus, we are not going to FedEx to drop off documents, instead, we are creating labels at the home office and having FedEx pickup at home with no physical contact.

We have reviewed and researched the best practice for notarizing online and as this is a fairly new technology, we will continue to hold the identity and confidentially of each person being notarized as our top priority. There are other notaries using Zoom and other platforms but at Hudson Standard Alliance, we believe that DocVerify offers the best platform for keeping your information safe which comes at a cost. If you have any questions at any time on our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at Our commitment to our clients is most important to us and we will continue to improve our services as the technology improves.

Be safe, happy and healthy!

We look forward to notarizing you!

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