How to Prepare for Your Automobile Closing

Updated: May 22

Congratulations on your new vehicle! You're almost there!

Usually, using a Mobile Notary for the closing means you purchased your car online or are co-signing for someone. Since this may be the first time you're using a mobile notary, we want to walk you through the process. Please keep in mind that this isn't just signing one document but signing just as if you went into the car dealership.

Items to Have Ready

  1. Two Forms of Identification

  2. Primary:

  3. Driver's License

  4. Military ID

  5. Passport

  6. Secondary: Does not need to be a photo ID

  7. Military ID

  8. Credit Card

  9. Medical Insurance Card

  10. Insurance Card

  11. Most dealerships require a copy of your insurance card.

  12. Cashier's Check or Personal Check

  13. The dealership should tell you the amount before the signing.

  14. A Pen: The Notary will usually have a pen but it's always good to have one just in case.

  15. *Title of Trade-in

  16. If you are trading in a car, the dealership will occasionally ask that we send the old title with the documents.

  • Review the Lease Agreement or Financing prior to appointment.

  • Make sure names are spelled correctly.

  • Always compare the VIN numbers!

Copies: Copies of the documents are not given at the time of closing unless the dealership provides you with a copy. After the closing the dealership will return a copy of the documents.

Courier Tracking: Take a a picture of the tracking number before leaving as you may need to locate the documents to confirm delivery with the dealership.

The Process


The Notary will be assigned, you should be provided with their name and telephone number.

Document Delivery:

The documents are sent directly to the notary.


Once The Notary Receives the documents they will call or text to schedule the appointment. If you have not heard from The Notary, they haven't received your documents or they don't have a the correct contact number for you. (You can call The Notary directly if you have any concerns.)

The appointment is usually scheduled for within the next 48 hours. The Notary may not be able to meet the same day that documents arrive.

The Appointment: